Print Reloaded is committed to:

  • ensuring that any health and safety risks arising from our work activities are properly managed
  • ensuring that it’s work activities do not present any risks to our staff or to anyone who may be in the Order Uniform premises
  • working to prevent accidents and work related ill health
  • ensuring that it provides the correct plant or equipment for the tasks to be carried out
  • ensuring that all plant or tools used by it are maintained properly
  • ensuring that the welfare facilities are adequate for the number of staff
  • ensuring the safe handling, use and storage of materials whether solid, gas or liquids
  • ensuring that appropriate Personal Protection Equipment is supplied where needed
  • ensuring that all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to giving them adequate training and/or supervision
  • reviewing this policy annually

Printing Services Safety Precautions

At Print Reloaded, ensuring the safety of our staff, clients, and visitors is paramount. We have implemented a comprehensive set of printing service safety precautions to mitigate risks and promote a secure working environment. Here are the key aspects of our safety precautions:

Training and Education

Safety Training: All employees undergo comprehensive safety training when they join our team and receive ongoing training to keep them updated on the latest safety practices and regulations.

Safety Meetings: Regular safety meetings are held to discuss potential hazards, review incidents, and reinforce the importance of following safety protocols.

Competence Assurance: We ensure that all employees are competent to perform their tasks safely. This includes providing additional training and supervision where necessary.

Note: Following our training we encourage the reporting of all safety incidents and near-misses. This helps us identify areas for improvement and take corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

Here are some basic printing safety precautions we adhered to:

  • All staff must be dressed in their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during any task
  • Proper ventilation must be maintained in all work areas to ensure good air quality and reduce exposure to harmful fumes and dust.
  • All materials should be clearly labelled with relevant safety information, including hazard symbols and handling instructions.
  • All printing equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to prevent equipment malfunctions that could lead to accidents.
  • Only trained personnel are allowed to handle printing equipment